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The Compassion Revolution

Compassion Revolution


“Regardless of which religious lens we use to view our God, the result we should inevitably see in our world is Compassion. Buddha, Gandhi, Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and others spoke of Compassion as a key spiritual component. It is a common thread among these religions and the product of an intimate relationship with God.”

The Compassion Revolution Honors Freedom Fighter

The Compassion Revolution

Honors Freedom Fighter

Jigme Norbu tragically killed during freedom walk

Jigme Norbu, son of Takster Rinpoche, Professor Thubten Norbu and Mrs. Kunyang Norbu, and nephew of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, was killed in a tragic highway accident Monday evening, February 14, 2011. Jigme was completing the first day of a walk from Jacksonville, Florida to West Palm Beach. He had compiled over 7,800 miles in more than 21 walks and bike rides both in the US and in countries around the world in the name of freedom. Jigme Norbu dedicated his walks to the memory of all the men and women who died in peaceful protests over the past 60 years due to the brutal suppression of Tibet by Communist China.

Each of Jigme’s walks was dedicated to the cause of Tibet’s Independence as well as to the memory of his father, Rinpoche Norbu, who died in 2008. Rinpoche dedicated his life to freedom for Tibet and its citizens. His accolades were numerous. They include: providing assistance to the CIA to fight Communism in the 1950’s; teaching and writing about Tibet through a variety of publications; and, supporting those seeking freedom from China’s genocide and destruction of the Tibetan culture.

To honor his father, Jigme planned to set up a Center for World Peace, which was to focus on their hope for World Peace, Human Compassion, and Human Freedom of Expression and Dignity.

“Jigme truly embodied the voice of peace and compassion that mirrors our own at The Compassion Revolution,” comments Jeanne, a member of the Compassion Revolution’s Advisory Council. “His loss will always be felt and he will continue to inspire us all for eternity.”

The Compassion Revolution wishes to honor the life of Jigme Norbu and of his father Takster Rinpoche. Both worked tirelessly for the cause of freeing Tibet and for the cause of World Peace. Like His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, his brother Rinpoche Norbe and his nephew Norbu worked peacefully to bring about a true expression of human freedom, dignity, and compassion in their desire to promote the growth of world peace. The Compassion Revolution honors these men whose ideals match our own focus on peace and compassion.

The Compassion Revolution is a non-profit organization that provides a voice of compassion regarding various social issues. The group embraces a variety of faiths and religious viewpoints, focusing on the common thread of each: compassion. For more information about the group, visit www.thecompassionrevolution.net .

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