Books My Students Have Written…..

Oh…such fun to brag. Below is a list of books written by my former Senior English students at Salem High School. Can’t say I helped them much, but at least I apparently did no harm.

** Sherri LuceSHS 1978:

Midnight in Legend,

Under the Mistletoe–

Where Her Heart Is

** Ann Branaman,  1986 [Dr. Ann Branaman]  Self and Society, Blackwell Readers

** Tanya Coats Konerman  SHS 1986
Writing Funny

** Jim Apple, SHS 1987, [Dr James Apple, Professor of Buddhist Studies at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada]

Stairway to Nirvana: A Study of the Twenty Samghas Based on the Works of Tsong kha pa  –
Illustrated, March 13, 2008   SUNY Press

Stairway Taken By the Lucid: Tsong Kha Pa’s Study of Noble Beings– January 1, 2013      Raj Publications

Jewels of the Middle Way: The Madhyamaka Legacy of Atisa and His Early Tibetan Followers (22)
(Studies in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism) 
– February 19, 2019    Wisdom Publications

Atisa Dipamkara: Illuminator of the Awakened Mind (Lives of the Masters) – July 23, 2019
Shambala Publications.

An Old Tibetan Dunhuang Manuscript of the AvaivartikacakrasūtraJames B. Apple
Revue d’Etudes Tibétaines. 329 pages. (2021)

** Ron Henderson, SHS 1983  Gardens-Suzhou-Studies-Landscape-Architecture  [Professor Ron Henderson, Professor of Landscape Architecture and Asian Studies at Pennsylvania State University and former Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Tsinghua University, China

** Justin Harter   SHS 2005

A review of Atisa Dipamkara by Dr. Renee L Ford in Himalaya, Fall 2021

In the Fall 2021 issue of Himalaya, Vol 40, Number 2, pp 159-160,
Renee L Ford published a detailed and illuminating review of Atisa
Dipamkara: Illuminator of the Awakened Mind. 
She succinctly explains
the book’s organization and reviews the concepts and structure.
Dr. Ford is a part-time lecturer at the University of North Carolina
at Wilmington and a project assistant for The Oral History of
Tibetan Studies at the University of Oxford.  The link is below:

Ford 2021 Review of Atiśa Dipamkara Illuminator of the Awakened Mind