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Gandhi, King, Ikeda: A Legacy of Building Peace Exhibit

Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Daisaku Ikeda, three men from three different cultures and continents, have followed a common path of profound dedication and achievement in improving the lives of all people. “Gandhi, King, Ikeda: A Legacy of Building Peace” conveys the themes and pivotal principles in the lives of these giants of the 20th century.

The exhibit panels feature colorful photographs, inspiring quotes and factual information about Mohandas K. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Daisaku Ikeda. While walking around the free-standing, s-curved walls, viewers can take in the wondrous lives of these three individuals.

This exhibit is divided into sections that present their lives as they relate to key themes.

  • Forging Destiny imparts the importance of mentors and the key influences upon each man’s life.

  • Humanity at the Heart explores their common belief in the innate dignity of humanity.
  • Principles into Action illustrates how each man was able to translate his principles into dynamic action.
  • Nonviolence explores the principles of nonviolent action as a way of life and a means to bring about positive change in society.

  • Adversity and Resistance shows each man’s ability not only to triumph over adversity, but to utilize it to further their growth as humanists.

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