Dear Mr. President….

Dear Mr. President,

Stop calling the Social Security and Medicare benefits THAT I EARNED OVER A LIFE-TIME OF WORK “entitlements.” That is NOT a Democratic term. These are benefits that my fellow workers and I earned.

*NO to raising the Medicare age to 67. I was forced by ill-health to retire at 61 and take lesser benefits. Lots of folks have to retire early because they cannot keep up the hours and schedules demanded by our corporate overlords.

*NO to any changes in Social Security benefits or Medicare or Medicaid.

*Go back to the Reagan-era tax codes—i.e. 70% taxes on the wealthy.

*Keep reminding people that George Bush raised the debt limit seven times.

Stand up for your party and for the people who elected you. Push back hard against Republican ideas.


Jeanne Bedwell
Salem, IN

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