Dressing “right”—Michelle and her girls…

Michelle’s Inauguration dress was lovely! She looked stately, stylish, young, lively, and beautiful—all combined. I enjoyed the girl’s dresses, too—lovely colors and sooooooo appropriate, none of that dreadful Hannah Montana, Madonna, slut look clothing that far too many parents let their daughters wear. The other stand-out was Aretha Franklin’s hat—-awesome!! I loved it!!  I am so hopeful that the lovely clothing styles favored by stylish Black women will begin to prevail. The clothing at Coretta Scott King’s funeral was amazing—color, drama, vibrancy—those women know how to dress! And, the hats were awesome, too. Surely as we bring together the many subcultures within this country, all the segments of the people of Color [is that politically correct??? can we be done with political correctness???], then the lovely clothing colors, fabrics, and styles of Spanish, Asian, Black, African, etc., can become the fashion.  My goodness….we might even get rid of suits and ties, panty hose, stiletto heels, and other horrors. And basic black…..ugh….so “correct” and so dreary.  Let color flow….beautiful, vibrant color!!!

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