Happy New Year!!

Drums in my heart are drummin

Ever since I was a small girl, back in the days when Poppa was enthralled with Scotland, home of the Presbyterians, I have loved the song “My Bonnie Lassie.”  Much later I learned it was also the tune of “Scotland the Brave,” a favorite military march. I think I owned the Ames Brothers record with the Bonnie Lassie version. Oh…well…I still love it and was enchanted to find it combined with another favorite “Auld Lang Syne” on a New Year’s greeting e-card from jacquielawson.com.  The lyrics below are from 


My Bonnie Lassie lyrics
Drums in my heart are drummin,
I hear the bagpipes hummin,
My Bonnie Lassie’s comin over the sea.
My heart with her she’s bringin,
I hear the blue bells ringin,
Soon we’ll be highland flingin,
My love and me.

(I’ll meet her at the shore,
Playin the pipes for her,
Dressed in a kilt and a tam o’shanter too.
Drums in my heart are drummin,
I hear the bagpipes hummin,
My Bonnie Lassie’s comin, comin to me.)

Somewhere a ship and crew,
Sails o’er the ocean blue,
Bringing, oh, bringing,
My bonnie back to me.
That’s why the drums are drummin,
That’s why the pipes are hummin,
My Bonnie Lassie’s comin, comin to me.


Sad are the lads she’s leavin,
Many a sigh they’re heavin,
Even the heather’s grievin, cryin with dew.
She’s left her native highland,
To come and live in my land,
She’ll love the folks who smile,
And say, “how-de-do”.


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