Health Care for every American Citizen

Mr. President,

Is is “Give’em Hell, Harry, ” time. It is time to barnstorm the country, making a public case
that you made a good faith effort to work with Republicans but they were just completely
intransigent. Attack them mercilessly and turn the public against the obstinate, obstructionist,
reactionary GOP. They, the GOP, have made it clear that they will do everything and anything to
stop you and stop health care reform. Stop trying for bipartisianship with this bunch of liars.
Start moving with your supporters. The American people want health care reform and your
Liberal supporters, including me, want single-payer health care reform. The “public option” is
a compromise on single-payer reform. Do not compromise any further. The market place is
full of pirates and market-driven health care will not serve the needs of all people. Stop trying
to “reach across the aisle to Republicans.” They are liars, liars, liars. All they want to do is
stall and throw out obstacles. Now is the time—-health care for all American citizens.

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