Medicare for everyone!

What we need to understand is that as the body ages, multiple systems begin to fail or become diseased. Knees, hips, and shoulders must be replaced. COPD becomes a big problem for many, as does adult onset asthma. Allergy problems are an issue. Blood disorders develop, cancers arise, heart attacks happen, muscle-skeletal problems arise–there is a long list of issues that develop as people age. Not to mention various kinds of accidents. Americans now expect to live to 80 or 90—-and there is no way to do that without excellent health care, lots of preventative testing and measures, and seeing multiple doctors. It isn’t just hospital stays—-medical care means lots of meds and many visits to various specialists. Medicare allows all of this kind of help. Moving to private vouchers will mean that only the wealthy can have the care that is now available to ordinary working class Americans. Medicare for everyone. Why should world class health care be only for the wealthy??????

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